GLOBAL BIOENERGIES: France grants to two renewable isobutene derivatives the benefit of public support for sustainable biofuels

GLOBAL BIOENERGIES and AUDI renew their partnership in renewable gasoline

Global Bioenergies successfully moves its C3 process to Demo scale

Global Bioenergies receives three additional fundings from the European Union, further supporting its strategy of feedstock diversification

Global Bioenergies and an industrial consortium including Sekab, Neste Engineering Solutions, Repsol and SkyNRG receive major EU funding to demonstrate the production of isobutene-derived gasoline and jetfuel from wood

Global Bioenergies and SkyNRG announce their collaboration on ASTM-certification of a bio-isobutene feedstock and conversion process for the production of sustainable aviation fuel

First car driving with Global Bioenergies’ renewable gasoline

Global Bioenergies to present results of engine testing with renewable fuels