EN-Financial information

  • GLOBAL BIOENERGIES successfully carries out a private placement of approximately €10.25 million (6/30/2017) - Evry, 30 June 2017 – Global Bioenergies (Alternext Paris: ALGBE), (the “Company”), today announced the successful completion of a Private Placement with qualified French and international investors. The Company has placed 640,00 new shares of a nominal unit value of €0.05, at a unit price of €16.00, inclusive of the share premium, for a total
  • GLOBAL BIOENERGIES launches a private placement (6/30/2017) - Evry, 29 June 2017 – Global Bioenergies (Alternext Paris: ALGBE, PEA-PME eligible), (“the Company”), today announced that it is launching an increase in its share capital through the issue of new ordinary shares, without preferential subscription rights, to qualified investors, pursuant to the eighth resolution of the Combined General Shareholders Meeting held on 26 June
  • The General Meeting confirmed the re-organisation of the financing programme by OCABSA with Bracknor Investment announced on 18 May 2017 (6/26/2017) - Evry (France) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 26 June 2017 – Global Bioenergies (Alternext Paris: ALGBE) announced that the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the re-organisation of the OCABSA financing programme with Bracknor in accordance with the terms set out in the press release of 18 May 2017. As a reminder, this financing will be