Global Bioenergies agrees collaboration with Shell in the development of low carbon road fuels

Evry, 14 November 2022 – Following the delivery of testing samples this summer, Global Bioenergies and Shell agree to collaborate on the development and testing of low carbon road fuels.

The first phase of this agreement will evaluate new concepts based on high-octane gasoline components derived from bio-based feedstocks. The collaboration will see the two companies conduct a joint research study, to identify and develop manufacturing methods to produce the molecules required to create high-octane components. The agreement also allows for a period of exclusivity to further develop these innovative concepts in the future.

Marc Delcourt, CEO of Global Bioenergies commented “We’re looking forward to working with Shell on this important study. Whilst adoption of EV’s continues to accelerate, it’s clear there is still a role for internal combustion engines for many years to come. We expect the future of road transportation will be based on an energy mix maximizing the role of decarbonised sources, in which biofuels will be critical”.

Selda Gunsel, VP Fuels and Lubricants Technology, said: “We recognise that decarbonising the mobility sector will require a range of solutions and we’re keen to explore different pathways to achieve this. We are already evaluating the opportunity of off-taking volumes of isobutene and derivatives from Global Bioenergies’ existing and future plants. It is collaborations, such as this, that are helping accelerate progress in this space”.



Global Bioenergies converts plant-derived resources into compounds used in the cosmetics industry, as well as the energy and materials sectors. After launching the first long-lasting and natural make-up brand LAST® in 2021, Global Bioenergies is now marketing Isonaturane® 12, its key ingredient, to major cosmetics companies to improve the naturalness of their formulas whilst improving their carbon footprint. In the long run, Global Bioenergies is also aiming at cutting CO2 emissions in the aviation and road sector and thereby curb global warming. Global Bioenergies is listed on Euronext Growth Paris FR0011052257 – ALGBE).


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